Hacking on the Asciidoctor Maven Plugin

The Asciidoctor Maven plugin is the official means of using Asciidoctor to convert your AsciiDoc documentation using Apache Maven. This guide teaches you how to hack on it.

For help running this plugin, review the How do I install and use the Asciidoctor Maven plugin guide.


Developer setup for hacking on this project isn’t difficult. The requirements are:

  • Java

  • Maven 3

All the other dependencies will be brought in by Maven. You should be able to use IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Netbeans without any issue for hacking on the project.


Standard Maven build:

$ mvn clean install


Spock is used for testing the calling of the Mojo. This will be downloaded by Maven. Tests are run simply by:

$ mvn clean test

Or any of the other goals which run tests. If I can figure out a good way to setup a Ruby testing environment I’ll do that as well, but none exists at this time.


To file an issue regarding this plugin, visit the plugin’s repository.

Also, don’t forget to join the Asciidoctor discussion list, where you can ask questions and leave comments.