A new resource for AsciiDoc

by Dan Allen -

AsciiDoc is an excellent tool for writing documentation, but there’s simply not enough information about it.

Today, I’m excited to announce a new resource for AsciiDoc, asciidoctor.org. In addition to serving as the project page for the Asciidoctor project and its integrations, this website helps promote AsciiDoc through education and advocacy.

The dawn of a new era Photo credit: bartvandorp

The key highlight of the site is a collection of new AsciiDoc guides:

The purpose of these guides is to answer your questions about AsciiDoc and get you familiar with the syntax quickly. They present AsciiDoc by following a recommended set of conventions to help you create more consistent documents and maximize your writing productivity.

If you see a change you want to make, contributing to the guides is easy!

The guides are written in AsciiDoc and hosted on GitHub. If you see a change you want to make in one of the guides, just look for the Edit button in the right-hand column and click on it. That will take you to an editor on GitHub where you can make the change and submit it as a pull request.

Alternatively, you can clone the project, make the change locally, commit it, then send a pull request in the usual way.

Once the change is merged into the master branch, it gets published automatically.

I hope you find the guides useful, and I look forward to your feedback. Together, we can take the agony out of writing documentation!