Asciidoctor Java integration 0.1.2 released!

by Alex Soto -

The Asciidoctor Java integration is the official means of using Asciidoctor to render all your AsciiDoc documentation using Java instead of Ruby.

In this new release, the following issues has been resolved:

  • Upgraded Asciidoctor gem to 0.1.2. Resolves #17.

  • Reduced startup time by tuning JRuby. Resolves #15, documented in optimization.

  • Renamed AsciidocDirectoryWalker class to AsciiDocDirectoryWalker to follow naming conventions. Resolves #12.

    If you’re currently using AsciidocDirectoryWalker, you’ll need to refactor your code to reflect this name change.
  • Promoted backend and doctype attributes to options in the fluent API. Resolves #11.

  • Added a render method which takes a Reader and Writer interface as input and output content. Resolves #9, documented in usage.

  • Changed Asciidoctor#renderFile method parameter type from java.lang.String to

    If you’re currently using the Asciidoctor#renderFile method, you’ll need to refactor your code to reflect this type change.

For more information, visit the Asciidoctor Java integration project on GitHub.