Asciidoctor Java integration released!

by Alex Soto -

The Asciidoctor Java integration is the official means of using Asciidoctor to render your AsciiDoc documentation using Java instead of Ruby.

The following issues have been resolved in version

  • Upgraded JRuby version to 1.7.4. Resolves #39.

  • Fixed a bug with to_dir and to_file options when render method was called. Resolves #38.

  • Fixed a NPE in AsciidocDirectoryWalker class when directory was not existing. Resolves #34.

  • Promoted stylesheet and stylesdir options to attributes in the fluent API. Resolves #30.

  • Fixed a bug with boolean attributes (for JRuby "" is true and null is false). Resolves #29.

  • Promoted linkcss option to attributes in the fluent API. Resolves #28.

  • Promoted toc option to attributes in the fluent API. Resolves #27.

  • Added renderFiles method which renders a list of AsciiDoc files. Resolves #23.

  • Added create method where you can pass the gem_path variable. Resolves #22, you still need to do some work yourself for adapting to OSGi, but reflection is not required anymore.

  • Fixed a bug with copycss attribute which throws a fatal error when was set with linkcss attribute. Resolves #21.

  • Added Options and Attributes class to set parameters to Asciidoctor. Resolves #19.

  • Changed scope of gems to provided. Resolves #18.

For more information, visit the Asciidoctor Java integration project on GitHub.