Use Arquillian and Docker to verify that AsciidoctorJ works in WildFly

by Maxime Gréau -

We’re excited to announce the newest member of the Asciidoctor family, Docker AsciidoctorJ. The Docker AsciidoctorJ project ensures that AsciidoctorJ can be used by any application deployed to a Java EE application server*.

* For now, only WildFly is tested. Pull requests welcome!

What’s it about?

This project provides:

A Dockerfile

Builds a Docker image that includes WildFly 8.2, AsciidoctorJ 1.5.2 and AsciidoctorJ PDF 1.5.0

Arquillian tests

Uses AsciidoctorJ inside a Docker container to convert AsciiDoc files to HTML and PDF files

AsciidoctorJ WildFly Docker containers managed by Arquillian
Figure 1. The power of Arquillian & Docker for integration testing AsciidoctorJ in WildFly

Learn more!

The following post explains how we execute Arquillian tests for AsciidoctorJ in a WildFly Docker container. We’ll talk about:

Want to know more? Read the full blog post to get all the details.