Funding for Asciidoctor

by Dan Allen and Sarah White -

With Asciidoctor, we’re working to shape the future of writing and publishing, particularly in the field of technical documentation. We want people to use open source not only because it’s the best software, but because it’s the best documented software.

We’ve come a long way. We have even bigger plans for the future. To turn our vision into reality, the Asciidoctor project needs funding.

UPDATE: We have migrated the funding platform for the Asciidoctor project from BountySource to OpenCollective. If you wish to provide financial support for the Asciidoctor project, please visit Asciidoctor on OpenCollective.

In order to ensure the continued success and sustainability of the Asciidoctor project, we’ve setup an account for Asciidoctor on Salt, the new funding platform from Bountysource. (Bountysource is like Kickstarter for open source projects). You can read more details about this campaign, how it works and our initial goals on the Asciidoctor campaign page.

The Salt platform will enable us to accept financial backing for Asciidoctor from both organizations and individuals and allocate the money the way we think best suits the project. It will also allow us to be completely transparent about how the project is funded. The initial goal is to allow us (Dan and Sarah) to work on Asciidoctor full time.

Asciidoctor growth

Asciidoctor has grown and matured substantially over the last three years. It’s now a critical component of documentation, especially in open source. In order to keep up with the project’s rate of growth, manage the Asciidoctor ecosystem as a whole, and be there to facilitate participation, we need to be able to dedicate more time and attention to this work. We also need to cover current and future infrastructure costs. The more money this campaign raises (on an ongoing basis), the more we can achieve, the more possibilities we can unlock and the greater the impact Asciidoctor can have.

By securing funding, the Asciidoctor project can essentially hire us (Dan and Sarah) to keep it operating smoothly and releasing components more frequently. We love running the Asciidoctor project and we love the community. We want to continue serving the community and doing what we love to make a toolchain writers have always wanted.

Let’s make it happen!

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to respond.